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I am Barbara Marrs, a freelance fabric surface designer, textile artist, and photographer based in Southern California, USA.  After receiving a B.A. in Creative Arts from Rutgers University, I went on to take post baccalaureate courses in both professional photography and fabric surface design, specializing in the shibori and tritik dye-resist methods. 


The inspiration for most of my designer fabric collections comes from a combination of my numerous life experiences that include working as a wearable art designer, professional photographer, graphic artist, volunteer paleontologist, high school science teacher, and professional writer.  My resulting creations exhibit a wide variety of diverse motifs and styles, from minimalist abstracts to midcentury modern repeat patterns.  I also relish new design challenges that inspire me to produce new themed prints.


My designs are currently for sale online as fabrics and wallpapers in my Spoonflower Shop.  Any of my prints can be rescaled, and ordered in a variety of fabric types—from assorted cotton and knit blends to minke and poly crepe de chine.  Please feel free to purchase any of these to use for creating products for sale.


As a freelance fabric surface designer, I also welcome the opportunity to design prints to order that meet your specific needs.  For any inquiries, please contact me!


P.O. Box 292240, Phelan, CA 92329

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